-Expression of peace and aliveness through contemporary jewellery-   

Artist Statement

I am very inspired by the exploration of Spirit and Stillness and the energy and beauty of the Canadian landscape. The more I explore Stillness and Spirit, and Be out in nature, the more peace, joy, and alive I feel. My jewellery shares this experience of peace and aliveness and empowers people to explore more peace.

The Canadian landscape is used as the backdrop because a person’s journey in the ruggedness and beauty of the Canadian Shield can assist them to discover the stillness and spirit within themselves and everything around them. Their journey is one of discovery, letting go and being at peace and present to the moment.

Aliveness is explored with shapes and line showing movement and growth. Peace is presented with spiritual symbols and or the simplicity of the piece or pieces. The Canadian landscape is presented by selecting some representations of items of nature such as rocks, flowers, leaves, trees, animals and water. 


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