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What Devarati Jewellery Customers Say

Karen Leslie

"My body literally got chills as soon as I opened the package with my necklace! The pieces of custom jewelry feel amazing to wear."       💙 Thank you Devarati

Karen Leslie

Heather Bryant

"I love the custom music pendant Devarati made for me. It's the perfect accent piece for when I perform and any occasion."

Heather Bryant

Wedding Band testimonial


I just wanted to let you know how much I absolutely adore my ring! I couldn't wait for Adam to put it on, and since I've worn the two together, everyone that sees it is blown away by how unique, beautiful, and "me" the ring is. It couldn't be more perfect. Thank you so much!



Spirit of the Canadian Landscape Collection

Sterling Silver Brooch and Necklace with Labradorite Gemstones. 

The Canadian landscape is used as the backdrop because a person’s journey in the ruggedness and beauty of the Canadian Shield can assist them to discover the stillness and spirit within themselves and everything around them.

Is your journey one of discovery, letting go and being at peace and present to the moment?  If not, would you like it to be?

Would you like to co-create an adapted versions of these pieces of jewellery?

Spirit of the Canadian North Collection

Northern Lights and Dancing Collection

The collection is inspired by the dance of the northern lights across the night sky and humanity's spiritual dance with "Self". The shapes represent a person dancing with the "One".

Northern Lights collections

The Journey Collection

The Canoe in Motion ring is inspired by the canoe, a stereotypical symbol of Canada. As a traditional mode of transport that allowed for the opening up of Canada; the canoe represents a journey, harmony with nature, discovery, and courage.
The rest of the Journey collection was inspired by the Canoe in Motion ring and an expression of aliveness and nature.

Canoe and Water Collection

Infinity and Eye of God Collection

Would you like to be reminded that you are alive with endless possibilities?
That you can ..  Be The Infinite
This collection is a great reminder to ... Be here Now
The infinite is a great gift to express infinite Love
Great Mother's Day Gift

Infinity Collection

Equinox Collection

The Equinox is represented by the Sunflower and Moon
The Equinox collection is a Great reminder:
- of new beginnings 
- change and growth is possible
- you keep blossoming
- you are totally beautiful

Equinox Collection


Thank you for joining me. I am excited that you are here. 

I hope you have fun exploring Devarati Jewellery Designs. 

I delight in creating beautiful custom-designed jewellery to celebrate milestones, accomplishments and to assist the wearer to feel beautiful, present and alive.

Do you love my necklace and earrings?

Shop the infinity and Eye of God necklace.

Shop the infinity earrings. 

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Devarati, my spiritual name, means delight, joy and love of the infinite. I bless my jewellery to bring this to you.

You can also request other intentions. See the about page for a list of suggestions that you can choose from. 

Will you join me in expressing your journey and Love with jewellery that celebrates you and your loved ones?

Contact me and let's see what we can create together and what can we add to your Devarati Design wish list.

Big Hug  

Devarati Angela Sammon


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For exclusive access and Gift Card, Join the Devarati Jewellery Insiders Circle.

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